Pho Real: Savouring Melbourne’s Top Vietnamese Noodle Soups

Join Pikmo on a flavorful quest as we explore Melbourne’s vibrant Vietnamese cuisine scene. This journey uncovers the most authentic and delectable pho in the city, a dish that truly encapsulates the essence of Vietnam’s culinary heritage. From aromatic broths to perfectly balanced spices, we’ll reveal where to find the ultimate bowl of pho, bringing the tastes of Vietnam right to your table in Melbourne.

1.I Love Pho

At I Love Pho, a family-owned business, the passion for pho shines through in every bowl. They dedicate hours each day to crafting delicious broths, catering to both pho newcomers and adventurous eaters with a menu ranging from classic dishes to inventive variations. Known for their commitment to using fresh ingredients, I Love Pho is a go-to spot for an authentic pho experience.

Whether you’re starting your day or taking a lunch break, I Love Pho welcomes you to savor their renowned Tai with sliced beef or the daring Ngau Pin – Duoi Bo with ox tail. Open every day, this restaurant is a testament to the love and dedication behind each serving of their cherished pho.

Pho Hung Vuong 2, despite its name, is not a step down from its original counterpart. Striving to surpass perfection, this establishment offers a menu similar to the original Pho Hung Vuong, ensuring the same beloved flavors and quality. Located in Richmond, it’s a must-visit for those seeking top-notch pho in Melbourne.

📷@Pho Hung Vuong 2

The signature dish at Pho Hung Vuong 2 is the medium-sized sliced beef and brisket, known for its consistency and excellence. This venue, with its commitment to maintaining the high standards set by its predecessor, invites patrons to experience why it’s celebrated among Melbourne’s pho aficionados.

3.Pho Lau Kim Long

Pho Lau Kim Long offers a family-friendly dining experience with a unique approach to pho serving sizes, ranging from baby to large, ensuring minimal waste and suitability for all ages. Known for its delicious free-range chicken and thin beef slices, this restaurant in Sunshine, VIC, is a must-visit for pho enthusiasts.

📷@ho Lau Kim Long

Not just catering to families, Pho Lau Kim Long is acclaimed for its high-quality beef pho, offering a variety of meat options like tendon and tripe. The combination of soft noodles, well-seasoned meat, and signature broth makes their dishes stand out. Additionally, generous portion sizes and quick, friendly service make it a value-for-money choice for pho lovers.

4.Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill

Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill, nestled in Fitzroy’s Smith Street, is where chef Ryan Pham embraces the essence of Vietnamese tradition in culinary art. This eatery offers a variety of pho, including beef, chicken, and a vegan tofu option, each accompanied by a special homemade chilli sauce that captures the authentic heat of Vietnam. Pham, with a background in both Auckland and Hanoi, prioritizes fresh, natural flavors without preservatives.

The decor of Sen Storm, characterized by pine and teal tiles, reflects its straightforward approach. The menu, a blend of traditional Vietnamese and European influences, features small plates, noodles, and grilled delights, accompanied by local Australian wines and beers. It’s a place where simplicity meets flavor, offering a genuine taste of Vietnamese cuisine with a minimalist yet impactful style.

5.Straight Outta Saigon

Straight Outta Saigon, a culinary gem in Melbourne, offers a traditional yet modern twist on Vietnamese cuisine. Focusing on classic southern Vietnamese street food and pho, this restaurant invites diners to indulge in sharing plates. Their special deal includes a variety of small and large dishes, perfect for a group meal. Signature offerings range from crispy vegetarian spring rolls to a hearty whole fried flounder, complemented by caramelised pork belly and a selection of pho.

Complement your meal at Straight Outta Saigon with their unique tropical cocktails inspired by Nha Trang and Da Nang. Highlights include an Espresso Martini enriched with condensed milk and a stunning gin cocktail made with Butterfly Pea tea, which magically transforms to purple with a squeeze of lime. This venue, transforming from the former all-night pho joint Twenty Pho Seven, continues to enchant guests with its vibrant flavors and creative presentations.

6.Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam

At Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam, located near Melbourne’s Chinatown, you can savor the authentic taste of Vietnamese pho soups. Known for their traditional approach, the restaurant serves a variety of pho brimming with fresh, natural ingredients. Whether you prefer meat or vegetarian dishes, their rich and flavorful broths are generously portioned, ensuring a satisfying meal.

📷@Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam

Beyond pho, Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam also offers delightful main dishes. Favorites include broken rice with char-grilled pork chops and vermicelli rice salad accompanied by either fried chicken or spring rolls. This culinary destination promises an immersive Vietnamese dining experience, right in the heart of Melbourne.

7.Nguyen Pho & Banh Mi

At Nguyen Pho & Banh Mi, a visit promises a delightful Vietnamese culinary experience. Known for their must-try Vietnamese cuisine, guests can enjoy perfectly cooked broth, banh mi, and pork spring rolls. Complementing the meal with good coffee, this restaurant is a favorite for those seeking authentic flavors.

Praised for its great service and friendly staff, Nguyen Pho & Banh Mi offers an inviting atmosphere at affordable prices. Embodying a calm ambiance, this family-run establishment, formerly known as Le-Nguyen Pho & Bakery Cafe, has been serving traditional Vietnamese Pho and street food for three generations, making it a cherished spot in the community.

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8.Pho Thin

Pho Tin stands out in the world of Vietnamese cuisine with its unique twist on the classic pho. Founded by Nguyen Trong Thin in Hanoi forty years ago, the eatery became renowned for stir-frying beef in garlic before adding it to the broth. This technique has been a key to its enduring popularity and consistent crowd since 1979. Now, this cherished recipe has reached beyond Asia, with its first branch outside Vietnam, bringing a taste of tradition to a wider audience.

Managed by Nguyen Lam and Duyen Le Ky, Pho Tin offers more than the signature garlic beef pho. Patrons can choose from beef brisket, poached chicken, or red-wine pho, each served with flat rice noodles and a generous portion of spring onion and coriander. The menu is complemented by unique additions like raw egg yolk and a Chinese doughnut for dipping, along with a selection of beverages including fresh coconut juice, Vietnamese iced coffee, and beer. This culinary gem is not just a restaurant, but a journey into the heart of Vietnamese culinary tradition.

9.Old Man Pho (QV)

Old Man Pho, a culinary destination in Melbourne, stands out with its one-taste-fits-all approach, blending authentic flavors, tradition, and creativity. Specializing in Central Vietnamese delicacies, it’s a haven for food enthusiasts seeking dishes like Spicy Beef Noodles, packed with unforgettable flavors.

Founded in 2016, Old Man Pho has roots in the founder’s childhood, influenced by traditional home-cooked meals from their father. This establishment is more than just a restaurant; it’s a tribute to the founder’s dad, blending traditional Vietnamese tastes with Australian culinary styles, creating a unique fusion that resonates with local palates. “Old Man Pho” is not just a name, but a homage to an endless source of inspiration.


GoodDays in Brunswick redefines the Vietnamese dining experience with its vegan-friendly approach. Half of the menu crafted by Nam Nguyen caters to vegetarians and vegans, ensuring as much care goes into these dishes as their meat counterparts. The restaurant’s standout dish is a vegetarian pho, rich in flavor with a shiitake and kombu stock and four mushroom varieties.

Moreover, GoodDays commits to ethical sourcing, using free-range meat and high-quality ingredients like Milawa chicken and McIvor Pork. The space, designed by Matt Stuckey, offers an elegant atmosphere with walnut cladding and spring-green walls. Completing the experience are tap beers from Henry Street Brewery and select Victorian wines, making it an ideal spot for a diverse array of diners.