How Does PikMo Work?

PikMo Pay: Earn Rewards on Everyday Spending!

The advantages of using PikMo Pay are endless. We have partner merchants around Melbourne: restaurants, hairdressers, massage shops, nail salons, events, and many more! PikMo is a secure payment alternative for those who want to earn rewards for everyday spending. On top of that, with PikMo Pay, you also have access to extra rewards on top of the existing ones valid for selected merchants.

Step 1: Download and Sign Up
  • PikMo Pay works seamlessly with Apple Pay and Google Pay for secure payment. This way, you do not have to register a credit card to use the “Pay in Store” feature, making it an easy and secure payment alternative.

Step 2: Choose an establishment and Click on “Pay in Store”
  • When in-store, look up PikMo’s QR Code and scan it to automatically access the “Pay in Store” feature. Follow the process to complete the payment.
Step 3: Save money & Earn Rewards!
  • Save and accumulate rewards in your PikMo Wallet to be redeemed on your next purchase.