Aussie’s Guide to Pizza Paradise: Top Pizzerias to Savour Down Under

Discover Melbourne’s Pizza Magic with Pikmo: From the traditional to the trendy, we delve into the city’s most captivating pizza joints. Join us as we explore Capitano and 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar, where classic flavours meet modern twists. These pizzerias aren’t just about great taste; they’re about Melbourne’s passion for culinary innovation. Stay tuned for more as we uncover the secrets behind their popularity!


Capitano, an Italian-American restaurant created by Casey Wall and Manu Potoi of Bar Liberty fame, presents a menu of simplicity and authenticity. Inspired by Chef Wall’s research trips to the US, the menu features dishes like prosciutto made in Ballarat, pork neck gabagool, and cheese pizza with a perfectly charred base, known for its “New York flop.” The pasta, salads, and meatballs highlight clever, restrained cooking, with a focus on fresh, quality ingredients.

The ambiance at Capitano, with its maroon and ivory interior and Art Deco lighting, sets an intimate mood. The wine list, though more concise than Bar Liberty’s, offers a careful selection primarily from Italy. Their cocktail menu revives classic shaking and stirring, complementing the restaurant’s vibrant dishes. This blend of traditional and Italo-American styles, including their renowned clam pie, makes Capitano a unique culinary destination in Melbourne.

2. 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar

48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar South Yarra, named after the ideal pizza dough rising time, is a culinary gem co-founded by Fabio Biscaldi and Michele Circhirillo, both D.O.C alumni. Located just off Chapel Street, this quaint eatery is a haven for Italian cuisine enthusiasts, offering an array of pizzas and gnocchi.

Blending northern and southern Italian influences, the menu features dishes like smoked prosciutto with fontina cheese and red tuna tartare. Notably, all gnocchi is gluten-free, with standout options like charcoal-activated gnocchi. The restaurant’s ambiance, adorned with vintage Italian posters, creates a Roman trattoria-like feel, making it a local favorite for enjoying Italian dishes and drinks.

3. Di Stasio Pizzeria

Di Stasio Pizzeria, the latest venture by Rinaldo “Ronnie” Di Stasio and Mallory Wall, marks their first foray into pizza in Melbourne. This venue, joining the ranks of Cafe Di Stasio and Di Stasio Citta, is a blend of restaurant and art gallery, thanks to Di Ritter from Hassell Architects. With sculptures by Shaun Gladwell and artworks by Reko Rennie, the space is a feast for both the eyes and palate.

The pizzeria features up to nine pizzas, including classic and inventive toppings, crafted with ingredients like locally sourced fior di latte and San Marzano tomatoes. The ambiance extends to ‘Il cortile’, an enchanting courtyard that feels like a different world, complete with a 17th-century Italian fountain. From fish carpaccio to Milan-style pork cutlets and the unique fior di latte soft serve dessert, Di Stasio Pizzeria is a testament to culinary and artistic excellence in Melbourne.

4. D.O.C (CBD)

DOC, the vanguard of artisan pizza in Melbourne and an institution since 2007, stands as a testament to authentic Italian pizza. Owned by the same team behind DOC Espresso, Mornington, Albert Park, and Delicatessen, this Drummond Street restaurant is renowned for its focus on imported, top-quality ingredients and classic Neapolitan pizzas.


The restaurant, known for its bustling atmosphere and tightly packed tables, serves pizzas with simple yet brilliant combinations. The thin, crispy crusts and a mozzarella bar, featuring a variety of cheeses like smoked fior di latte, embody the essence of Italian cuisine. DOC’s vibrant setting and pizza options, such as the Margherita with fresh buffalo mozzarella and the Sopressa with salami, make it a cornerstone of Melbourne’s modern pizza scene.

5. Ollie’s Pizza Parlour

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Ollie’s Pizza Parlour, rising from the ashes of Spitfire bar, offers an exciting pizza experience in Melbourne. Known for its unique dough process involving two days of cold fermentation, the parlour skillfully blends Neapolitan and New York styles into 13-inch pizzas. Classics like pepperoni, a Hawaiian twist with pickled pineapple, and a vegetarian option with mushrooms are favorites, while the innovative White Pie stands out with its clam cream and garlic base.

The menu also boasts inventive snacks, like mozzarella sticks with Kiwi onion dip and deep-fried broccoli. For dessert, gelati from Bico features flavors like pistachio and vegan chocolate. Complementing the food, Ollie’s serves natural wines from local producers and craft beers, making it a must-visit spot for both pizza and beverage enthusiasts.

6. Dom’s Social

Dom’s Social Club, flourishing in the former abode of Peaches and Cheek, is a tri-level culinary haven in Melbourne, owned by the Peasnell brothers and Adam Goldblatt. The first floor entices with woodfired pizzas adorned with house-made charcuterie, enjoyed in bistro-style leather booths. Unique starters like tempura pumpkin and mozzarella croquettes complement the pizza offerings.

The venue’s drink menu, curated by bar manager Morgan Cook, focuses on wines and aperitifs, alongside inventive cocktails featuring Australian spirits. With a casual public bar and a rooftop boasting stunning CBD views, Dom’s Social Club offers a multi-tiered experience, blending gourmet dining with a vibrant social atmosphere.

7. Leonardo’s Pizza Palace

Leonardo’s Pizza Palace, nestled in the midst of Carlton’s splendor, offers a dive into the ’70s with its ski lodge-inspired decor. Known for its authentic Italian menu, the restaurant delivers culinary delights like the classic spaghetti bolognese and pizzas with perfectly charred crusts, embodying exceptional flavors.

The vibrant atmosphere of Leonardo’s is further enhanced by its dynamic cocktail and beer selections, promising new experiences for adventurous drinkers. With evenings buzzing with energy, a DJ often adds to the lively ambiance, making Leonardo’s a unique and sought-after dining destination in Carlton, celebrated for its delicious pizzas and spirited vibe.

8. +39 Pizzeria(CBD)

+39 Pizzeria, a gem on Little Bourke Street in Melbourne, embodies the spirit of Italy, inspired by its international dialling code. Founded by six friends with deep roots in Naples, the restaurant offers an authentic Italian experience with a variety of pizzas, antipasti, and more. Its cozy space doubles as a café by day, serving a range of simple yet delicious Italian fare, with a specialty in pizzas like the Tirolese.

Renowned for its dedication to Neapolitan traditions, +39 Pizzeria captures the essence of Naples. The venue, always bustling with city-dwellers and tourists, serves up classic pizzas in a vibrant trattoria setting, with favorites like the spicy ‘Diavola’. This culinary haven is a heartfelt tribute to the Pizzaiolos of Naples and the cherished memories of Nonna’s cooking.

9. A25

A25, evolving into a pizza empire in Melbourne, stands out with its ‘Pizza Is Sexy’ motto and authentic Italian offerings. Under the guidance of owner Remo Nicolini, former of +39 Pizzeria, A25 specializes in an artisan approach, focusing on quality and a wide array of pizzas. Embracing both traditional and innovative flavors, A25 also caters to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets.

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, A25’s latest venture adds to its existing Docklands and South Yarra locations. Nicolini’s philosophy moves beyond traditional pizza norms, introducing new dough varieties and fermentation methods, offering lighter pizzas. The menu features favorites like the Bunga Bunga and Ink pizzas, alongside house-made pasta and Italian beers. A25 CBD is more than just a pizzeria; it’s a comfortable spot for both morning coffee and evening wine.

10. 90 Secondi

90 Secondi, Docklands’ boutique pizzeria led by Johnny Di Francesco of 400 Gradi fame, offers more than just speed in pizza crafting. With a custom-made wood-fire oven from Napoli, pizzas here are a testament to true Neapolitan style – if it’s more than 90 seconds in the oven, it’s not authentic.

Situated near Etihad Stadium, the restaurant buzzes with corporates and commuters on weekdays, transforming into a football fans’ hub on weekends. Alongside pizza, diners can enjoy dishes like deep-fried zucchini flowers and char-grilled lamb ribs, complemented by an extensive wine list. Whether it’s a pre-game dinner or a quick lunch, 90 Secondi promises a culinary experience that’s both rapid and remarkable.