Romantic Rendezvous: Melbourne’s Best Date-Night Dining Spots

Discover the enchantment of Melbourne’s dining scene with our curated list of the city’s most romantic restaurants. From intimate settings to breathtaking views, each spot offers a unique ambiance perfect for a memorable date night. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a cozy evening out, these top 10 restaurants blend exquisite cuisine with a magical atmosphere.

1. Morris House

Morris House, Melbourne’s new multi-level hotspot, offers a diverse experience with its restaurant, rooftop bar, and basement comedy club. Each floor presents a unique vibe, where guests can enjoy signature cocktails like the frozen vovo margarita or pavlova daquiri, along with a top-notch menu featuring dishes like wagyu beef burgers and spanner crab spaghetti.

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Not just a place for dining, Morris House also boasts a NYC-inspired comedy venue in the basement, showcasing Australia’s best comedic talent. With Thursday specials like $16 negronis and live jazz, it’s the perfect spot for a night out, blending quality dining with entertainment and a lively atmosphere.

2. Napier Quarter

Napier Quarter, a charming neighborhood wine bar and guesthouse, sits in the historic suburb of Fitzroy, Melbourne. Renowned for its focus on quality and community, it offers a European-style experience with rustic cooking and a sophisticated wine list. The venue blends a casual Parisian ambiance with classic, artisanal offerings, providing a unique day-to-night dining experience.

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Owned by Daniel Lewis, Napier Quarter features an all-day menu by Chef Eileen Horsnell, emphasizing simple, produce-focused dishes. With its intimate setting, limited seating, and dynamic wine list, this venue is a testament to quality and craftsmanship, making it a must-visit spot in Melbourne.

3. Myrtle

Myrtle, nestled in Melbourne’s bustling CBD, is a vibrant celebration of Australian gastronomy. Focusing on locally-sourced ingredients and a diverse selection of Australian wines, Myrtle offers a unique culinary experience. The menu, rich in Aussie classics with a modern twist, changes seasonally to highlight the freshest local produce.

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Beyond its sumptuous cuisine, Myrtle stands out as a relaxed yet lively wine bar, ideal for any occasion. Here, patrons can enjoy an exceptional array of Australian wines, complemented by the nostalgic ambiance of LPs playing in the background. Open for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays, Myrtle is a must-visit destination for both food and wine enthusiasts.

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4. Tippy-Tay

Tippy-Tay, a gem in the heart of Melbourne, brings the essence of an Italian dinner party to life. Its vibrant yellow and green entrance leads to a world of classic Italian cuisine, from cacio e pepe arancini to the iconic Last Night’s Lasagne. The atmosphere is filled with the warmth of Italy, featuring walls adorned with vintage glass bottles and a lively mix of colors.


The experience at Tippy-Tay is more than just dining; it’s an immersive celebration. The décor, with bunting flags and eclectic plates, sets the stage for a fun and relaxed vibe, enhanced by weekend DJs spinning tunes into the night, making it a perfect spot for both food lovers and party-goers.


5. Embla

Embla, nestled in Melbourne, radiates a European charm with its rustic and cozy ambiance, conceptualized by Kiwi architect Allistar Cox. It’s a place where simplicity meets sophistication in both food and wine, courtesy of partners Christian McCabe and Executive Chef Dave Verheul. Their approach makes Embla an extension of your living room but with exceptional food and an expertly curated wine list.

The bar showcases a unique selection of local and international wines, collaborating with luminaries like Eric Narioo and Patrick Sullivan. Embla stands out for its relaxed yet refined vibe, offering a menu that features wood-fired dishes and a wine list that appeals to connoisseurs and novices alike. Garnering accolades from the Good Food Guide and Gourmet Traveller, Embla is a culinary haven for gourmands and wine lovers.

6. Vue de Monde

Vue de Monde, a staple of Melbourne’s dining scene for over 20 years, is renowned for its luxurious yet honest culinary approach. Founded by Chef Shannon Bennett in 2000, it has evolved from a French-style restaurant in Carlton to an iconic venue on the 55th floor of the Rialto building, offering breathtaking views of Melbourne. Known for its theatrical dining experience, Vue de monde gained acclaim for its fusion of art and cuisine, earning a prestigious 19/20 from The Age Good Food Guide.

The restaurant’s interior, designed by Elenberg Fraser, features an Australian landscape theme with elements like black basalt bars, kangaroo fur chairs, and corrugated iron walls. Executive Chef Hugh Allen guides the menu towards native Australian ingredients and techniques. Vue de monde is not just a meal, but an immersive experience, blending fine dining with dramatic artistry and exceptional cityscape views, making it a landmark destination in Melbourne’s culinary landscape.

7. Good Gnocchi

Good Gnocchi, founded by Anthony Brem and Madelene Gay of Archie’s All Day, brings a retro Italian dining experience to Melbourne. With its dark red and brown decor, the restaurant exudes a charming, old-school vibe, enhanced by a mix of handcrafted furniture and unique finds. Designed by Jimmy Timber, the space is vibrant yet casual, perfect for everything from midweek gatherings to romantic first dates.

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The menu at Good Gnocchi is a celebration of Italian classics, featuring light antipasti, pasta, and comforting mains with a modern twist. Signature dishes include pumpkin puree with pepita pangrattato and Wagyu lasagne gnocchi, showcasing locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Complementing the food is a selection of fun cocktails and approachable wines, highlighting the simplicity and timelessness of gnocchi.

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8. Stokehouse

Stokehouse, a distinguished St Kilda restaurant, offers fresh seafood and panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay, accentuated by its striking ceiling installation of 2000 frosted glass tubes. Established in 1989 and rebuilt after a 2014 fire, the restaurant combines elegance with history. Its dining room, designed by Pascale Gomes-McNabb, features floor-to-ceiling windows, ensuring spectacular views from every angle, and a large bar for walk-ins.

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Renowned for its seafood-centric menu, Stokehouse presents exquisite dishes like yellowfin tuna belly and Black Angus beef, paired with an extensive selection of beers, cocktails, and a 650-bottle wine list. Below, Stokehouse Pasta & Bar offers a relaxed atmosphere with a pasta-focused menu, led by owner Frank van Haandel’s sons and inspired by European cuisine.


9. Gimlet

Gimlet at Cavendish House in Melbourne is a dining experience reminiscent of the 1920s, offering a luxurious Gatsby-esque ambiance. Located in a grand heritage building, it’s an indulgent retreat with opulent decor, including large windows, sparkling chandeliers, and red velvet booths. The menu is a lavish affair, featuring items like Beluga caviar and Rock oysters, perfect for a romantic and elegant dining experience.


Reimagined by Andrew McConnell and Acme & Co, the Chicago-style Cavendish House combines nostalgia with glamour. The space offers versatility for various occasions, from casual bar gatherings to intimate dining. The bar, with its classic cocktails and extensive wine list, adds to the theatrical allure, making Gimlet a unique blend of heritage, luxury, and culinary finesse in the heart of Melbourne.

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10. Farmer’s Daughters

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Immerse yourself in the farm-to-table ethos at Farmer’s Daughters, a unique dining destination in Melbourne. With ingredients sourced directly from Victoria’s Gippsland region, this three-storey venue, including a deli, restaurant, and rooftop bar, offers a taste of regional splendor. Under the guidance of renowned Chef Alejandro Saravia, experience a menu inspired by the natural hues of Gippsland’s landscapes, cooked in an open campfire kitchen. Farmer’s Daughters is not just a meal; it’s a journey through the heart of Victoria’s rugged countryside, located conveniently at 80 Collins Street in Melbourne’s city center.

Awarded One Hat in the Good Food Guide Awards 2023, Farmer’s Daughters is a testament to farm-to-table excellence. The restaurant’s open campfire kitchen highlights a menu rich in seasonal Gippsland produce, complemented by an exclusive selection of local wines and spirits. This venue not only offers a gourmet journey but also honors the tradition of Gippsland’s farmers and producers.